As Presented at ASME 2016 – Code Compliance for CPS

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We have all heard the term, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” In the case of power plants that squeaky wheel tends to be boiler tube failures. Unfortunately, piping is quiet, until it ISN’T. It goes without saying that high-energy piping systems are essential to the safe and cost-effective operation of power plants.

4-SYTE Director invited to participate on the ASME Technical Advisory Panel

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Thielsch is proud to announce that one of their own, Mrs. Pamela Hamblin, was recently invited to participate on the ASME Technical Advisory Panel (TAP). Mrs. Hamblin is the Director of Development and Operations for the 4-SYTE Asset Management Programs and has worked at Thielsch for over 19 years. ASME developed the Technical Advisory Panel

Did you cross the RED LINE blindfolded?

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THE RED LINE...Once it is crossed there is no turning back... This afternoon I received a disturbing email from a once potential client. His email was laced with regret in his decision to purchase one of my competitor's software-based solutions for asset and data management. Why was this particular email so disturbing to me?