Innovative Web-Based Inspection and Data Management

Linking critical information to the technology resources you need.

Looking for an effective program to help you not only manage your inspection history but also help you determine what and when you need to inspect?

Introducing Thielsch’s 4-SYTE System Strategy program. This innovative web-based inspection and data management program was developed to minimize the confusion involved with planning and understanding the unique needs of your facility. Our goal is to help you strategically plan the usage of your budgetary dollars and overall modernize the way you and your personnel organize and access your previous design and inspection history and your future inspection requirements.

Do you find it difficult to:

  • Prioritize areas for inspection, repair or replacement for your piping and boiler components.
  • Develop a comprehensive scope of work that utilizes your budget in the wisest manner.
  • Locate critical information including blueprints, hanger data, material specs, R-1 forms, or previous inspection reports.
  • Are you finding that your facilities are getting older and your in-house industry expertise is getting thinner?

Thielsch Engineering has spent over a decade developing and perfecting the 4-SYTE program in response to the needs of the Power industry.

We have geared the program to help you:

  • Understand the history of critical components
  • Accurately track trends
  • Allocate funds efficiently
  • Prioritize inspections, repairs & replacements
  • Minimize outage planning efforts
  • Engineering & expert support
  • Reduce forced outage rate

4-SYTE puts the POWER in your hands with a program that works FOR YOU rather than you working for it.


Capturing institutional knowledge that is usable and readily available


4-SYTE links your critical systems to the technology resources you need. With point and click capabilities and 3-D models it’s never been easier.


Unit specific risk and reliability program that saves time and money


With 4-SYTE we take the guess work out of risk management buy providing a calculated risk assessment based on unit specific design and historical data.


Failure never happens out of the blue, it propagates from flaws that eventually link up


Aging workforce & facilities requires more inspection, repairs & replacements with less manpower. 4-SYTE provides innovative strategies to leverage resources.


With 4-SYTE you can focus on the big picture while we handle the details


4-SYTE is offered as a Service rather than a Software reducing confusion, costs, and frustration and allowing plant personnel to utilize their time wiser.












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Whether it’s High Energy Piping, Boilers, HRSG’s, or Storage Tanks, 4-SYTE has just the right program to meet your budget and your needs.









Our Standards

We believe it is our job to make your job as easy as possible. We have created a program that WORKS for YOU rather than you working for it, allowing you to utilize your resources in the wisest manner possible.

Expert Services

Backed by Thielsch’s 30+ years of industry expertise, with 4-SYTE you can focus on the big picture while we handle all the details.

Highest Security

With certified compliant data recovery centers, encryption, and redundant back-up systems, your data is secure and protected.

Professional Team

Our data and program experts eliminate the guess work and ensure accuracy of your critical data.

Strategic Solutions

With proven risk and reliability matrices, your unit specific strategy takes the unique design and operational conditions into account.

What Our Clients Say

This program pays for itself in the 1st hour of the 1st outage. JEFF HORN • NAES
4-SYTE saved us over 1.4 million in replacement energy costs in our first year of using it. • AECI •

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As Presented at ASME 2016 – Code Compliance for CPS

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4-SYTE has been an industry recognized and proven program for over a decade with hundreds of loyal and satisfied clients across North America.