What Assets Do You Need Help Managing?

Boiler Components

Thielsch Engineering, Inc. has spent the past 30 years working with America’s power producers and advanced manufacturers to ensure safety, reliability and profitability. Every producing facility must have a system in order to better manage overall operations and the use of a data management plan such as our proprietary program 4-SYTE System Strategy offers control and real-time solutions from anywhere in the world. The combined process of integrated engineering that includes unit specific education, observation, tracking, proper maintenance and data collection provides a modern approach to a complex and highly competitive market.

4-SYTE Boiler Reliability Program provides:

  • Simplified planning & budgeting
  • Insight to determine the existing condition of equipment
  • Foresight to maintain equipment & budget future outages
  • Enables easy location of each component
  • Data Access, Data Warehousing, & Data Protection
  • Customizable searches & report generation
  • Track and monitor inspections
  • Track and Monitor Tube Failures and Replacements
  • Color Coding of Materials